Buy Artemis with Special Photo!

Buy Artemis with Special Photo!

I’m getting ready for my first trip to England and I appreciate your support!

If you would like to select one of the photos below, please send $25 to me via paypal, In return, I will mail you one of these photos of your choice, large size (8 x 10), without watermark, on photo paper with an autograph and an advanced copy of my track, “ARTEMIS”. Please include your full name mailing address. Thanks! ($5 of it will go toward shipping).


If you would like all 8 of these photos emailed to you in large size without watermarks, the price is $50.

Paypal me: Just visit
Make sure to include your mailing address, email address and a description of the photo(s) you want!

Photos by Bruno O’Hara and Steve Paynie

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