Cuddle Buddies

It’s Sunday night. I try to avoid working on Sundays, if at all possible. It’s a commandment of God to take one day off per week and relax. Not that I take everything in the bible literally, but in this instance, I do think it is good advice. I think a lot of people forget that – it’s not optional; it is essential to happiness! Sunday is naturally the best day for it, considering that world-wide Sundays are commonly used as a day of rest, therefore there is an especially restful vibe in the air, which is more conducive to recharging. I usually just hang out with friends, go out to eat, do something fun, go out and experience nature, or watch movies.

Tonight I’m taking 10306769_10152276009324125_4265089039967793003_na bath and watching new episodes of Sherlock. I seriously love this show. Now, if only I had someone to cuddle with… oh, wait. I do =^__^= my adorable kitten, Tuesday! Time for us to snuggle and prepare for a big week ahead. I’m doing everything in my power to get my track, “Artemis”, released by this Thursday. There have been many exciting and frustrating developments/delays in getting the track mastered. I just can’t give up. I’m gonna push forward. ARTEMIS needs to be born.

I’ll tell you about how RA went tomorrow. Night night.