Yogananda’s Lake Shrine

Well, Artemis couldn’t be released today, the release has been delayed one week. On the bright side, it will definitely be out no matter what by June 26th. My friend F3tto is helping me mix & master it, and it’s 98% done. We added some of my vocals, too. Now we just need to meet once more for the final touches.

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Yesterday I went for the 2nd time to Yogananda’s Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades. It was beyond beautiful. Aside from having Yogananda’s beautiful presence, there were many gorgeously arranged plants and flowers. Swimming around the lake were 2 graceful, large swans, and countless turles; water lilies, a boat, a windmill, and meditative sayings along the path.

They have a wonderful gift shop as well, I bought the jasmine incense, only $2.00, it even has Yogananda’s image on it. The least I can do to say thank you for this incredible gift he gave us to enjoy!

It is free to visit, I highly recommend it to anyone.