My first time in Asia!

Wow! I am so GRATEFUL and BLESSED to be booked at Ultra Music Festival, South Korea one week from today! This is my biggest break yet! I’m thanking my lucky stars. It took me many years of hard work, persistence, practice, believing in myself, and not giving up, to get here! It still would never have been possible without the support of my incredible loved ones – family, friends, fans…. thank YOU for always keeping the faith! There were so many times when it seemed too difficult, through tears of anguish I wanted to give up and try an easier path in life. I’m so GLAD I didn’t turn my back on my highest dreams and goals in TRANCE. Now the tears coming to my eyes are made of pure joy! I can’t wait to rock this stage with my dear friend and musical soul twin, Alex Arndt! See you soon, South Korea! I’m coming for you!!