New Year Resolutions

Hello. It’s been a while since I have written in my blog. I went through a very intense transitional period last September when conditions forced me to make a major and immediate decision regarding my living situation. I had been living in Hollywood for the past 4 years, when my room mate abruptly told me she wanted to move out. I had some clues this news was coming, but it still came as a shock. I had been, for some time, wanting more space, though my apartment in Hollywood did have a breathtaking view. It was a true gem, but it was rather small. Extremely small, in fact… and in a very busy part of town near Sunset Blvd, which was fun, but also brought with it the constant loud noise of sirens and helicopters, an occasional person screaming and on a rare occasion, a bullet shot. In short, I had longing to be somewhere more peaceful, where I could play my music loudly at any hour of the day or night, or enjoy silence, if I wished.

It was hard to move. I had created so many beautiful memories in that place. I learned to mix shortly before moving into that apartment near Sunset and La Brea. With my new obsession at hand, I spent countless hours practicing while looking out over the shimmering lights of the city. I had met many characters during that time, a few of whom have turned out to be very close friends. Many of them were interesting colorful people who crossed my life path for a reason. To bring information, experience, or a painful lesson. I shared wonderful nights staying up with friends, raving, past dawn into the day beyond. Those were great times. I experienced pleasure and torment between those walls, passionate moments and bliss. Also, painful betrayals. After 4 years of living right in the heart of it, though, I suppose I felt satisfied.

I decided not to stay, it was time to move on. I sought refuge in a new location closer to nature. I started looking online for a house in Santa Clarita. Located only 45 minutes North of LA, Santa Clarita has a completely different vibe and energy about it. “Canyon Country”, as they call it, is beautiful and nestled in the mountains, with far fewer crowds than Hollywood, it is easier to get around. In many places it is breathtakingly beautiful, filled with diversity of life ranging from mountains to forest to desert, with deep canyons and high altitudes to explore. Most people here are not seeking fame. In general I find the locals to be more family-oriented. It reminds me of my home town of Lompoc, CA. There isn’t much going on, but it feels like people genuinely listen to you. There is also less ambition, and life moves at a slower pace.

Of course, every place has its pros and cons. I needed the constant push and pressure I received when I lived in Hollywood during the time I was living there. At this turning point in my life I felt quite motivated, and I no longer need to blatantly see “the hustle” taking place right before my eyes. I felt confident that I could get up and work toward my goals each and every day even if I was in a remote location. In fact, I often dreamed of being in one. I needed a break. I hoped I had established enough of a name for myself to continue to survive in the DJ, rave and club scene loop without being in the immediate area at all times. With a deep breath, I decided to move out to the countryside where I could be more at peace. My goal was to meditate more often, enjoy nature as much as possible, and when inside, to work on music without distractions. I found a charming country cottage with an acre of land. It was settled, I moved on Oct. 1st 2014 and with the help and kindness of my friends, the move went quite smoothly.

Talk about night and day. The change was extreme! Instead of fighting it, I went with the flow and decided it was time to take on even more responsibility, so I adopted a puppy. I found the exact type I had always wanted: a white german sheperd/wolf mix. The breeders told me she was a boy, but turns out she is a girl. Originally Falcor, her female name became Vesper. She is the cutest little angel and blessing in my life! She gave me a reason to work extra hard and achieve my goals through the next few months, which I spent mainly in seclusion unpacking, thinking, and refocusing. I was in hermit mode, and much needed. These past few months have been challenging and extremely happy for me at the same time.

Now I’m completely back up to speed and I’m working on 4 new dance tracks. I’m so happy to say I’ve been playing out more than ever these last few months, and things are looking pretty solid for the first few months of 2015. I’m grateful! I also just acquired a new manager. What a great way to start the year. I’m feeling really positive about the future!

There are a lot of things I want to achieve in 2015.

My new years resolutions:

-Meditate at least one hour per day

-Do yoga at least 3-5 times per week

-Put music production as my highest priority

-Update my blog at least once per week

-Jog at least 3 times per week w/ Vesper

-Go minimum 2 times per week to the gym

-Take at least 2 lessons per week in the study of musical instruments

-Vocal warmups every time I’m in the car alone

-No TV, books only

-take vitamins every day

-Be more peaceful and patient with others

Hope I can achieve these and, I’m glad to be back on task with my website.

One last thing I wanted to share with you. My most recent performance at Nuclear Winter last Saturday was so wonderful! I had a fantastic time, the support was so strong from friends and also new fans. THANK YOU to the fans!! Here are some pictures of the event taken by my dear friend, Tim Rich AKA Undermarks AKA Scenesnaps. Thanks for reading.