New Words

New Words

Have you ever invented a new word that caught on among your friends? Making up new words is a normal and healthy way for a language to grow! Shakespeare invented over 1,700 words now commonly used in our language. I love doing this, and so here is a list of the words me and my friends came up with. Feel free to email me your suggestions and I might add them to the list. 🙂

Sleebling(v.) The act or action of day dreaming at night.

Electrance (n.) A musical genre that combines Electro and Trance.

Complextrance (n.) A musical genre that combines Complextro and Trance.

Frequaintance (n.) Someone that used to be a friend, but has been demoted to an acquaintance. “Isn’t she your friend?” “She used to be, but now she is a frequaintance.”

Ballstalgia(n.) A mental state induced by balls that causes you to remember a poignant memory from the past, or a favorite song.

Magendomenal (adj.) Magical, phenomenal, and legend all in one. “Did you see that beautiful shooting star?” “It was beyond that, it was truly magendomenal.”

Nijidom(n.) A word that causes you to get a special craving.

Wordsmith (n.) One who creates new words.

Krunkets (n.) Vegan tea snacks, eg. Lemon snaps.

Edibliss (n.) A state of extreme joy found while on edibles. “WOW that brownie was BOMB. I am feeling such edibliss!”

Nad-tugget (n.) A surprising moment in which an action is carried out through the inspiration and reference of balls. To compliment in a polite yet douchy manner, with a sprinkle of sarcasm. Ie. “Oooo you nad-tugget, you!” (Like saying, “Good job you crazy ball sack bastard!” To enjoy.

Stonedhenge (n.) The act of losing one’s keys or phone because you placed it in a really unusual place while you were stoned. A state of complete memory loss in terms of placement of said items, or of the subject at hand during a conversation.

Plurrfect (adj.) Perfect for a rave.

Gleeballing (v.) The act of ingesting MDMA while at a theme park, such as 6 Flags Magic Mountain, or feeling the effects of it while on a roller coaster. Synonymous with “Rolling”. “OH MY GOODNESS I WAS GLEEBALLING SO HARD ON BATMAN!!”

Pallatart (n.) – The state of mental blankness also known as a “brain fart” or “space cadet moment” in which one actually recalls said subject, but it quickly vanishes just as fast as it resurfaced, quickly back into the nothingness from whence it came. Like the brain giving you blue balls but nothing to remember it by, other than the annoyance of forgetting something important.

& these others I found or heard before and slightly modified:

Destinasea (n.) Magical location to be found only by a guided quest through nature.

Askhole (n.) Someone who asks too many annoying, pointless or obnoxious questions.

Texpectation (n.) The state of anticipation felt when awaiting a response from a text.

Masturdating (n.) The act or action of going out alone to a movie or a restaurant just for fun.

Nom Nom (n.) A scrumptious, delightful piece of food.

Floordrobe (n.) The act of storing your clothing on the floor of your room rather than hanging them up in your closet, caused by sheer laziness.

Cellfish (adj.) The quality of texting regardless of present company. Exhibiting a behavior of complete disregard to the person speaking by sending texts while they are talking. “I liked her, but she was a little bit cellfish.”

Nonversation (n.) A completely pointless conversation that is soon forgotten.

Carcolepsy (n.) A condition where a passenger immediately falls asleep while riding in a car.

Hierberdating (n.) The act or action of ignoring all of one’s friends in favor of a romantic relationship.

Ambitchous (adj.) Extremely ambitious and also known to use extremely bitchy tactics for getting ahead.

Youniverse (n.) An imaginary place created by extremely ego-centric individuals, in which they believe the world actually revolves around them.

Internesting (n.) Gathering pillows and blankets around you, along with stuffed animals and/or other cuddly things, while you hermit out and surf the internet.

Columbusing (n.) The act or action of claiming to have invented or discovered something that has in reality been around for years.

Submit yours and I’ll add them if I like them!

I’ll try to write more often 🙂